A New book from marilyn Swinson
Scars of war
the author of 
“Taking The Long Way Home”
“You will feel the rush of patriotism as you read eyewitness accounts of some of America’s bloodiest and most hard-fought battles, from Pearl Harbor to Baghdad.  These are stories of individuals who risked everything for freedom.”
~ Brigadier General Floyd C. Adams, Jr., USA, Retired.
“This is a great bunch of veterans who have important stories to tell. What an opportunity to learn!”
~ Colonel J. Shelton Scales, USMC, Retired.
one of three surviving battalion commanders on Iwo Jima.
War is not romantic. It is bleeding and dying and holding a lifeless comrade in your arms. It is storming a beach through a hail of bullets. It is fighter planes spiraling from the sky and Americans being taken captive. In Scars of War, author Marilyn Swinson tells true and often horrifying stories of war.

Based on one-on-one interviews with more than forty veterans, all members of the Combat Airmen/Joshua’s Troops of Mayodan, North Carolina, Swinson brings the narratives to life as the soldiers relay a variety of war experiences: a soldier aboard a ship moored at Pearl Harbor on that fateful December morning when Japanese bombs rained fire from the sky, and a seventeen-year-old young man forced to endure the horrors of the Bataan Death March, only to face three and a half years of torture and deprivation in Japanese concentration camps. A pilot lives to fly again after his plane hits the ground traveling three hundred miles per hour, igniting sixteen thousand pounds of jet fuel. A battle-weary Marine finally sees Old Glory raised on Iwo Jima.

Scars of War provides a firsthand account of the pathos and pageantry of war from those who survived.
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